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HOOPDANCE in guelph



Today's class (MONDAY JULY 5th) is cancelled due to heat and classes will not be resuming until the fall (September)...please check back for jam-dates and fall schedules...cheers!!!

Currently I am running one class a week at
St. George's Church, 99 Woolwhich Street, Downtown Guelph
on MONDAY evenings.


***I've changed the time, though on the flyers and posters it still says 6pm, I will be arriving at the church around 6:45pm and you are welcome to come and warm up or hang out at that time. There seems to be little interest in arriving anytime before that, so I've bumped up the schedule.

Please come around the back doors and knock or ring the bell if they are locked. Some kind soul will let you in!

The class consists of two parts; an open studio jam session and a more structured class. The structured class takes place between 7-8pm. You are welcome anytime after 6:45pm to play and warm up, then stay for the class, and then dance some more (till 9pm)!

JUNE Session includes Monday evenings of June 14, 21, 28 and July 5th. You can drop in to a class anytime for 12$ for any part of the evening, or pre-pay for a whole
4 week session for 40$.
I am now offering a parent/kid deal of 60$ for the 4 weeks for the duo! Come out and spend quality family time having fun!

******this is the LAST SESSION OF THE SUMMER**** I will be organizing a few jam sessions at parks - check here for dates and times in July and August, then regular class resumes in September. I'll post the dates for that as soon as the June Session ends. Thanks!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

tactics, tethers, hoopla, revelry


n. An expedient for achieving a goal; a maneuver.


1. a rope, chain, or the like, by which an animal is fastened to a fixed object so as to limit its range of movement.
2. the utmost length to which one can go in action; the utmost extent or limit of ability or resources.
–verb (used with object)
3. to fasten or confine with or as if with a tether.
4. at the end of one's tether, at the end of one's resources, patience, or strength.


–noun Informal.
1. bustling excitement or activity; commotion; hullabaloo; to-do.
2. sensational publicity; ballyhoo.
3. speech or writing intended to mislead or to obscure an issue.


n. pl. rev·el·ries
Boisterous merrymaking.
rev'el·rous (-rəs) adj.

Monday, July 20, 2009

gathering tendrils and loosing up ends

Halo Hoopers!!

Hillside Festival is fast approaching as I am writing this and I am creating a blog, finally, to have somewhere to direct anyone interested in Hooping that I happen to meet at the festival, or any other random place! I am excited to explore this world of hooping, and glee-filled to find others to share with! Welcome, and thanks for checking out the blog!

If you are interested in purchasing a hoop, hosting a hooping party, attending a workshop, class or just getting together to hoop, please feel free to contact me for more details. I will try to keep this blog updated with any new activity that gets organized, but email me to get on my mailing list to keep updated with upcoming workshops, classes, random information about hooping and other goodies (yoga, etc!).

I will be posting videos to you-tube in the near future and you can check them out via the link, and see other hooping videos by the many amazing and talented hoopers out there (and around here). I will post links here to interesting videos and websites that I find in my meanders in web-land. If you want to receive updates via email you can subscribe to the blog and you will be notified when I post something new (I wont be blah-blah-blogging every day, so it shouldn't be excessive, but it might be inspiring).

Blessings and Peace to you, and Happy Hooping!