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HOOPDANCE in guelph



Today's class (MONDAY JULY 5th) is cancelled due to heat and classes will not be resuming until the fall (September)...please check back for jam-dates and fall schedules...cheers!!!

Currently I am running one class a week at
St. George's Church, 99 Woolwhich Street, Downtown Guelph
on MONDAY evenings.


***I've changed the time, though on the flyers and posters it still says 6pm, I will be arriving at the church around 6:45pm and you are welcome to come and warm up or hang out at that time. There seems to be little interest in arriving anytime before that, so I've bumped up the schedule.

Please come around the back doors and knock or ring the bell if they are locked. Some kind soul will let you in!

The class consists of two parts; an open studio jam session and a more structured class. The structured class takes place between 7-8pm. You are welcome anytime after 6:45pm to play and warm up, then stay for the class, and then dance some more (till 9pm)!

JUNE Session includes Monday evenings of June 14, 21, 28 and July 5th. You can drop in to a class anytime for 12$ for any part of the evening, or pre-pay for a whole
4 week session for 40$.
I am now offering a parent/kid deal of 60$ for the 4 weeks for the duo! Come out and spend quality family time having fun!

******this is the LAST SESSION OF THE SUMMER**** I will be organizing a few jam sessions at parks - check here for dates and times in July and August, then regular class resumes in September. I'll post the dates for that as soon as the June Session ends. Thanks!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Thanks so much to Be for bringing us new sound for the hoop classes! Hoopdance is soooo much more fun when you can fall into the lovely music. We have a full on system now that is balanced and loudish. I keep it lower for the class, but will crank it a bit for the dance/jam/play time!! Bring in your favorite tunes on CD or ipod (i think we can hook that right in) and we can dance to them!

Also a note on Schedule:

You are now welcome to come and play or practice anytime after 6pm on Monday nights! I will be there working out new moves and grooving and available for questions and tips and any other kind of hooping help I can offer.

I will still be running the structured circle class from 7-8pm, so be sure to show up for that if you want to learn some new tricks and flows. Then we still have the jam from 8-9pm! Loads of time for practice and play! Please stay tuned for the new prices which I am working out in the next few days.

Please email me at hoopstatic@yahoo.ca if you would like to sign up to receive updates and emails about HOOPDANCE and other goodies.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the first class...

was great! Thank you to everyone who made it out.
We had a great time learning some new moves and it was fun to be among so many hoopers! The room is very large and it felt comfortable, even with the 10 or so of us whipping the hoops around. Everyone managed to escape hoops to the face too, which is great for a first class! There is still room for more!

Some of the quirkiness with the space came out, the coldish floor and the lack of really good sound system, but it looks like the sound might improve soon, and the weather should too! In the meantime I think I'll just have to get everyone doing a little bit more fancy footwork, and keep us on our toes and sweating.

Unfortunately, there is some issue with the times we have to leave, I'll post more info as soon as I know anything more, but as far as I know now we might have to cut the jam time a little short.

Looking forward to more classes and dancing. It's so nice to have space to move around and groove without layers and layers of clothing on in the winter! Although I have to say that i LOVE LOVE LOVE hooping outdoors in the winter, too. It's well worth a try, for those of you who have not had a chance to try it. Snowy, blizzarding nights that are abandoned by everyone else, you can have the street to yourself and get lost in the flow of the snowflakes. It's awesome.

Cheers, keep checking here for updates. March should be a go, but there will be a slight change to the timetable. Thanks...