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Today's class (MONDAY JULY 5th) is cancelled due to heat and classes will not be resuming until the fall (September)...please check back for jam-dates and fall schedules...cheers!!!

Currently I am running one class a week at
St. George's Church, 99 Woolwhich Street, Downtown Guelph
on MONDAY evenings.


***I've changed the time, though on the flyers and posters it still says 6pm, I will be arriving at the church around 6:45pm and you are welcome to come and warm up or hang out at that time. There seems to be little interest in arriving anytime before that, so I've bumped up the schedule.

Please come around the back doors and knock or ring the bell if they are locked. Some kind soul will let you in!

The class consists of two parts; an open studio jam session and a more structured class. The structured class takes place between 7-8pm. You are welcome anytime after 6:45pm to play and warm up, then stay for the class, and then dance some more (till 9pm)!

JUNE Session includes Monday evenings of June 14, 21, 28 and July 5th. You can drop in to a class anytime for 12$ for any part of the evening, or pre-pay for a whole
4 week session for 40$.
I am now offering a parent/kid deal of 60$ for the 4 weeks for the duo! Come out and spend quality family time having fun!

******this is the LAST SESSION OF THE SUMMER**** I will be organizing a few jam sessions at parks - check here for dates and times in July and August, then regular class resumes in September. I'll post the dates for that as soon as the June Session ends. Thanks!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

HOOPING OUTSIDE, teen class?? and Waldorf Fair

Halo!! EEps - it has been sooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaay toooo long since I have posted! I got a new part-time job and on top of all my little dreams and stitches and hooping it seems to have caused a little bit of a traffic-jam in my head! But happily I visited my dream-home today (the forest) and that seems to have helped re-inspire the aspiration to get my bum in gear and share and move and groove and sail! Soooooo....

I am going to be working on upgrading the blog and I have the option to add pages now, so that is going to happen soon. I will have a page with the latest class info, and any events in the next month or so. I will also create a page with directions and such to the class, and another with video links and loves and tricks that we learn in the class so that things will be easily accesible if you want to remind yourself during the week on how to do something!!

This post is mostly just a little blurb about how things have been going and to watch out for little notes on the door...if it's nice we will be hooping OUTSIDE!! There is a lovely green space just between the Church and the River Run Centre, along the path there along the river. I think it should be big enough for all of us and any way-wanderers that chance upon us in the lovely evening air and want to join in! We will not have the music, but we will have soft grass, birdsong and the ever-fresh air of the Speed in Guelph (uh...yes, a little sarcasm, sorry!)...I am keeping my spot at the church, though, and keeping it close to there just in case there is rain or something!!

I have been leaving a little pink flyer note on the door with "Mitchell Hall" on it - to remind/tell people where we are in the church - soooo, if the note says "outside" then just turn around and you should see us!

ALSO....I have been asked to teach a "kids/teen" class - more older (mature 11) 12-18 year old or so...(Um, when do you stop being a kid? I am not sure about that...) but at this point we are thinking Tuesday evenings in Palmer Hall at St. Georges - sometime around 7pm. If you are interested and want more info, please email me. We need at least 7 to confirm to make it a go!! We'd love to do it soon, so pass it on!!

I am also doing some demonstrations and little workshops at the Waldorf Spring Fair at the Waldorf School in Guelph. This is an absolutely beautiful school and philosophy - if you have kids and haven't been before it is totally worth it. Lovely activities for kids and yummy foods and wonder-filled community. Pop by and see what it's all about MAY 8th...

Please please feel free to email me with any questions!